Name: Business Analytics Community Keynote

The Next Generation of Analytics Applications

Oscar Colino Garcia, Oracle


Business Analytics Community Keynote Session Details;

Presentation abstract:

When information is delivered in the context of a business role or scenario, there is immediate understanding. But you need more than contextual information; you need to explore data and leverage advanced analytics to drive better understanding that leads to the best actions at the optimal time. In this session learn about Oracle's vision and roadmap for next-generation analytics applications based on Oracle's SaaS application suite, all exploiting the power and breadth of Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Presentation begins:  06/12/2017 09:30
Presentation duration:  45 minutes

Speaker biography: 

Oscar Colino is Business Development Director at Oracle’s ‘All Data’ Analytics business in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  His focus is on helping drive competitive advantage for Customers. 
He particularly enjoys challenging ‘conventional wisdom’ and exploring what business benefits can be achieved through the creative use of  enhanced data management and ‘All Data‘ analytics. 
He is a strong defender of data and analytics as the key foundational component of new exponential digital business models where ecosystems  of producers and consumers create and trade disruptive data driven products and services in new digital platforms.
He also believes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will drive these digital platforms to the next level and Oracle is in ‘pole position’ to  support Oracle’s customers on this transformational journey as we have built the Oracle Cloud platform in which Oracle’s customers can build their own digital ecosystems.
Before moving to Business Development he has held several leadership and hands on roles in Oracle’s Consulting business arm leading and architecting ‘All Data‘ Analytics implementations across the globe in large institutions on a variety of sectors and industries.
Outside of work, Oscar is a retired Spanish national rugby player with deep love for sports, traveling, adventure, nature and of course people!

Hall: Hall 8A